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Taking on the Kat!

We are well into June, it is crazy! Can you believe in our first six months, we are already on our 5th or 6th Overland Expedition? We could not do it without you - the veterans, the volunteers and our sponsors. Looking forward, V.O.A.C. has exciting events in the planning phase and scheduled.

First... lets do an AAR of the Field Expedition #4 - Memorial Day Kentucky Adventure Trail.

What is the Kentucky Adventure Trail, commonly referred to as the KAT?

The Kentucky Adventure Tour is a 1000+ mile overlanding loop (not counting the hard sections) around the hills and mountains of western Tennessee and southeastern Kentucky. It is about 40% rural narrow twisty paved roads with the rest being gravel, dirt roads and trails. It will take 5 full summer days of riding to complete the main loop. It will take 5-6 days if you take the hard sections. Some of these areas are very remote so do not go alone! The average distance between gas stops is around 60 miles.

Our group, representing the Army, Navy and Airforce left out early Thursday, May 25, 2023 at a Jellico, TN rally point. We preceded counter clockwise around the Red River Gorge for approximately 350 miles. Primitive style camping was on the agenda each night and the KAT did not disappoint, beautiful view and scenery along our adventure route. The group soon found out why this part of America is called "Land of the

Arches". There are sandstone arches everywhere. Overall, we had a great time and look forward to going back again. The KAT reminded us a lot of The Georgia Traverse, but with technical obstacles.

We are planning a day trip around Pisgah National Forest in August. Visiting the overlanding haven of Wilson's Creek, NC Old Highway 105 and Brown Mountain OHV Park. Keep and eye out for the dates.

This is a planned and released trip. Please see link for this very exciting adventure. Looking forward to seeing you. If you would like to Sponsor a Vet on this trick, please reach out and let us know.

As always, you are supporting by your donations and merchandise purchases. We have V.O.A.C. velcro patches in stock. Please take a look at ttps://

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