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Sunshine State Adventure Company

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FOR Adventure

The Florida Adventure Trail started with a simple question. "Why doesn't Florida have its own adventure trail?" Every other state in the south has some form of an Overland and Adventure Bike route other than Florida. Jon, the creator of the F.A.T, had spent tons of time exploring Florida back roads and forests growing up and knew the places to go but wasn't sure if it was possible to connect them all. That started the tedious process of looking at maps, creating scouting lines, and physically driving all over Florida with the help of a few awesome folks that helped scout along the way to piece together over 1200 miles of backwoods adventuring and hundreds of waypoints to create what we now call... The Florida Adventure Trail.

FOR Our Community​

What if we can enjoy the outdoors and make a difference in the world? 50% of every sale of the GPX file will go to support The Wounded Warrior Project and the trail clean-ups along the route with our F.A.T Friends group. We can be FOR adventure and FOR our community. If you want to support the F.A.T you can donate to help us keep the F.A.T going and trails clean. 100% of all donations go directly to the F.A.T Friends trail cleanup initiative. ​

The Florida Adventure Trail:

The F.A.T is a 1200-mile Overland and Adventure Bike route through the best parts of Florida. The route is 60ish % unpaved roads with scenic paved roads connecting them together. The F.A.T file includes hundreds of waypoints for campsites, gas stations, food, and points of interest as well as the routes themselves. Difficult trails are clearly marked on the route. It's important to remember that Florida gets TONS of water in different seasons. Ride at your own risk. The F.A.T will take on average 5-6 full days to complete.

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